Our love for all life on earth demands advocacy in preserving it, and to help eradicate inequality by finding inclusive, sustainable solutions for the greater good.


Xhale Goods is here to help cannabis curious consumers find diverse, sustainable and socially conscious brands that breathe community, inclusion and empower the individual through education, connection and the shared passion for the plant.

From product to packaging, Xhale Goods sources local, sustainable and organic from female and/or minority owned/led companies whenever possible.

A percentage of all Xhale Goods proceeds goes towards organizations that advocate for social justice reform, access for all and equity in the industry.

Who we are

Kimmie Chann has extensive experience in growth marketing and business development. In the past 10 years she has helped launch multiple brands and businesses in various industries including tech, beauty, fashion and cannabis. Her success led her to a transformational journey overseas. She spent three years in Europe building her network while growing her little family. A return to California as recreational cannabis went legal inspired her transition into the industry. Having been a long time advocate for the plant she has found purpose in destigmatizing consumption, public education and lobbying for federal legalization.

Becky Grundy is a bonified Los Angelino born from 1st generation immigrant parents who made her go to school like no other. She has 12 years combined experience in product development, brand management and marketing. She can take an idea from concept to production while managing design standards, brand identity, material costs, and development milestones. She is also certified in digital product management. She’s a multi-platform digital marketing maven and has helped companies grow customer base and help deliver better products through analytics and market research. Aside from work hustle, she is a mom, wife, and foster failure to a gang of overweight chihuahuas and other rescued underdogs. #adoptdontshop

Ursula Angulo is a creative, forward thinking fashion designer with over 10 years’ experience in the apparel industry combined with 5 years’ experience in creative business strategies, direction branding and product development. She wants to step away from the constrictions of the corporate world to expand her creativity while freely enjoying the relaxation benefits THC combined with CBD have to offer. She shares the belief that cannabis curious consumers and OG users can use this new space as a safe place to learn from other like minded individuals.

Thomas Hauser is in marketing and business operations for almost 20 years. After finishing up his MBA in Germany and moving to the US, he spent the past 7 years working for an international tech start up, honing his project management skills and building upon his marketing and business development expertise. With Xhale Goods, he combines his belief that everyone should take a step back, take a deep breath and exhale, that there is no sustainable future without inclusion and compassion and that everyone (of age 😉) should have the freedom to consume cannabis anyway they want.